Digital International Sunday 21/2 11:00 am

Heartly welcome to digital Morning Service in English translated to Norwegian from Misjonshuset at Facebook Sunday 21th February 11:00 am. Lars Dahle will share God’s Word from Matthew 16:13-28. His headline is “Jesus as The Suffering Messiah – and Our Response”.

Who Jesus is, is at the very centre of the Christian faith. What was Peter’s understanding of who Jesus was? Jesus, the Son of the living God, becomes the Suffering Messiah for us. What is our response – in belief and behaviour?

Although we can’t meet physically these days because of the Covid-19 pandemy, we can still worship together. Let’s join together in singing, praying and listening to God in His Word read and preached.


Hjertelig velkommen til digital gudstjeneste som vi kaller International Sunday 21/2 kl. 11.00 fra Misjonshuset på Facebook. Gudstjenesten blir på engelsk, men tolkes til norsk. Lars Dahle taler over Matt. 16,13-28 ut fra overskriften “Jesus som den lidende Messias – og vår respons”.